Humble Beginnings

Founders Steven and Jantzen Young launched the Private Money Institute only four years after beginning their career in real estate investing. After years of using other people's money to invest in rental properties and vacant land, the couple noticed that in some cases, the lenders were making more income than they were with loans as little as $5,000!

With a successful land flipping career, the couple soon found that they had more capital than they could invest on their own. So they started lending and partnering with other investors. Once word got out, they couple was soon flooded with capital requests and people asking.

Collegiate basketball experience brought the two together. Five years later, Jantzen’s father married the couple in the living room of their first home in Lakeland, FL. Steven pursued a career in information technology and finance for a national financial services firm in Tampa while Jantzen held a 10-year career in client education for the one of the world’s largest financial services firms in Lake Mary, FL. The couple compensated for the drive with great podcasts and audio books, but when the stork arrived with their first child, the couple had to make a move. While Steven relocated to Lake Mary to be closer to his wife’s work and family, the couple struggled to sell their Lakeland home. Rather than sell, they decided to rent. And while it didn’t provide the most lucrative cash flow, the couple was hooked. After reading Robert Kiyosaki’s Rich Dad, Poor Dad, the couple knew they had to make this dream a reality. After investing in their education, the couple went from 1 unit to 6 units under management in 45 days, with no signs of slowing. Since then, the two have added commercial real estate and vacant land investing into their portfolio and are currently focused on expanding their rental holdings.  


Our Mission

Live a life of financial freedom and show others how to do the same.